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Please note that we are completely run by volunteers, so it may take us some time to get back to you. Thank you for your understanding!

Wendy Zolkowski, Executive Director
[email protected]

Emily Anderson, Marketing/PR Director
[email protected]

ADOPTIONS: All cats and kittens in the care of Valley Cats are in private foster homes in Neenah, Appleton, Oshkosh and the Fox Cities area. To meet any of our adoptable kitties, we ask that you first complete our online adoption application; we will then be in touch with you to set up a time for you to meet the kitty or kitties you are interested in adopting. 

SURRENDERS: We take in cats and kittens only from other rescues and animal shelters. We do not have the financial and volunteer resources nor space to take in pets from the public. Please do not email, text or call our volunteer’s personal cell phones if you need to surrender a cat; we have instructed them not to return messages from the public due to our limited resources. Please contact other local organizations who have the staff and resources to be able to help you. You can find a list of local organizations here: Thank you for your understanding.