Finding loving homes for homeless cats and kittens since 2014.

Please help us help them. Consider adopting a cat or kitten companion, donate, or spread the word about our organization and our adorable, adoptable homeless cats and kittens! 

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Driven by compassion, kindness, empathy & love.


We are no-kill and partner with other rescues and shelters to help build a no-kill community. We help these partners when they are over capacity, and invest extra time and resources for cats and kittens with special needs or who need extra TLC to grow, acclimate and heal.


Valley Cats is run completely by a small group of passionate, dedicated volunteers. Our cats and kittens are cared for in loving volunteer foster homes. All our volunteers are guided by our philosophy: “compassion, kindness, empathy, love.”


We rely completely on donations; we do not receive any government funding. 100% of your donation will go to provide the supplies, medications and veterinary care our kitties need. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; all donations may be tax deductible.


Paws need claws! Cats need their claws for their physical health and emotional well-being. Declawing - which is actually amputation of the tops of their fingers - has now been proven to lead to many serious health conditions and behavioral problems. We want the cat you adopt to be part of your family for many years - cats with their claws live longer, happier, healthier lives.

Making an impact in the Fox Valley

As of July 1, 2024, we have rescued and adopted out 993 cats and kittens and TNR’d (Trapped-Neutered-Returned) 841 feral/barn cats!

The difference foster care can make

The tender-loving care cats and kittens receive in a loving foster home can make all the difference in how quickly they heal, are socialized, and become adoptable. We love to take in special needs cases where cats and kittens need this individualized attention and medical care, and our reward is seeing them blossom and grow healthy, then find their loving forever families.

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)

TNR is safe, humane and effective. Our volunteers help coordinate TNR on a small-scale, case-by-case basis, as our resources allow. Each cat is spayed or neutered, vaccinated, given medical treatments if necessary, then after recovery, is released back to its original location and monitored by a colony caretaker.


We rely strongly on YOU, awesome cat lover reading this, to help us continue to do the lifesaving work we do! Please, help spread the word to your friends and family about our little rescue, to help us get our cats and kittens adopted, and to garner more support from the communities we serve. We are 100% volunteer-run and donation-supported, so we need your support! Every person who supports our small rescue makes a BIG difference!


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Lives we saved in 2023

Thank you for supporting our tiny volunteer-run rescue in 2023! We could not save their lives without you; we are entirely supported by private donations. If you would like to donate to support our work in 2024, please go to our Donate page or Venmo a donation to us at @valleycatsrescue.